The magic worked.  I
can’t believe how good
I feel.   I didn't miss a
day and felt supported
even in the high
Andean altitude.  The
trip was a major
triumph for my body.  
Please send me more
supplements; I don't
dare risk running out! -
Esther R., San Francisco
“The EFT has helped
beyond what I can
express in words. I again
want to thank you for the
time you spent on the
phone talking me through
it.  You are the best!”  
Peter J., Pacific Beach
My gums have healed!
Not only has the bone
loss stopped but new
growth has appeared.
Thanks to the
supplements and
increased hygiene
I don’t need
the surgery
that was
assured in my checkup
6 months ago.  I can’t
thank you enough!
Ron K. ~ Bakersfield, CA
I am living proof too that your
phone consultations work!  
Thanks for everything.  
Diane K. - San Diego
I have been following your diet plan since February 28, and it has truly changed my
life.  The changes started immediately!  
I was feeling better within days, and
things have just continued to get better.  I have an endless supply of energy all day
long.  I have no mood swings at all. My mind is much clearer. I am getting so much
more exercise and getting so much stronger, and I lost 10 pounds in the process.  
Oh yes, and I'm eating more food now then I ever have, but it’s GOOD FOOD.  It is
no longer a diet for me; it is a "Life Style".   Linda M., Encinitas
We couldn’t get Frank off
until I brought
him to you. His hair wouldn’
t grow in after surgery –
and now it is full! I would
say it has been invaluable!
Katie B. for Frank-Dog,
San Diego
Before I came to see
you I thought that I
was dying. My health
totally turned
because of you.
You make me believe it’
s within my power!   
Deb M.
My face and skin have improved. I can wear lipstick again! I
was so tired when I first came in that I couldn’t fill out the
paperwork – remember? I am getting more in tune with my
body.  Belia M., Encinitas
I felt like I was making good choices, but
I was still feeling crummy. I was missing
a key point – wheat. Everything you
have said about it – nobody else has
ever told me.  I realize now that I have
felt awful all of my life. You were an
answer to my prayers. Everyone else
told me I needed psychological help.  
Tami E., Encinitas
My sexual stamina
has greatly
improved. Every
man loves to get that
feedback. I have
relief because I do
not need to worry
about that aspect of
my life anymore. -
Ernie M., Encinitas
All of my life I have wanted someone
to tell me what my body needed,
what it lacked and what I should
stay away from. You were an answer
to my prayers. You are so
knowledgeable about so many areas
and you are able to put them
together into a personalized plan for
my body – assisting me in what part
is allergy, what part is emotional,
etc.  Diane S., San Diego