Lynn's Approach:
Let me be the one you turn to for:
Consulting:  by phone or in person
Customizing a program for YOU!
An initial consultation includes in-depth discussions as to your
health history, current symptoms, lifestyle and eating habits as
well as your goals for optimal health. In-office appointments also
include a physical nutritional evaluation.

From her findings, Lynn will
1) recommend a nutritional protocol to address the underlying  
causes of your health concerns
2) educate you in the nutritional wisdom and changes necessary
to improve your health and meet your goals
3) coach and guide you through the changes until they are a part
of your life routine.
4) teach you the empowering EFT technique – a great tool for

Follow-up sessions are designed according to your needs to
achieve maximum results in your health.  Should the state of   
one’s health reveal the need, lab testing is also available.

Call for a complimentary 15 minute consultation as to the best
start for you!
My intention:
to educate, support,
guide and empower
you to live your joy
in your health.  

Let me show you