May 6, 2005                

Dear Oprah,

I so applaud Brooke Shields in her willingness to tell her story. It opens the door for truth to be told. Yes,
the truth IS that medications do relieve symptoms of depression and yes, hormones can be used to
motivate an infertile body to conceive. The bigger truth is that there are nutritional deficiencies underlying
both of these conditions. The greater opportunity lies in nourishing the body and mind with the nutrients
needed to conceive and bear a child to full term while replenishing the nutrient stores of the mother
needed and used by the developing fetus.

As a nutrition consultant, one that has helped several women become pregnant by nourishing their
depleted bodies, I paced about as Brooke told her story. From experience I know that it doesn’t have to be
that way.  

Just the fact that Brooke was having trouble conceiving tells me there was a greater innate intelligence
operating that knew her body did not have the nutrients needed to handle the demands of pregnancy and
birth. There was a great study done in the 1950’s by Dr. Pottenger that brings home the point.  It was a
study that began quite serendipitously, but the lessons learned were far reaching. It was evidence as to
the compromises in health that accompany the undernourishment caused by an inappropriate diet. The
study became known as “Pottenger’s Cats”. In the study it was found that by the third generation of a diet
lacking in needed nutrients, the cats lost their ability to conceive and reproduce. Oprah, we are now in our
third generation since our food sources took a dramatic turn away from natural foods to those that are
highly processed. The study was able to forewarn us of the consequences, one being a rise in infertility. If
only the public had known and could have learned. You and your show were not around then, Oprah.
Maybe you can open that door now.

Brooke is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Yet, evidence of her nutritional status was indicated by the deep
groove in her tongue that I witnessed in the close-ups. This, for starters, is often evidence of a deficiency
of the B vitamins. A lack of them is HUGE as an underlying cause of depression.

I ranted at the television as she shared her desire to be pregnant again and knew in that moment I had to
do my best to reach out to the both of you. That wish is absolutely possible. Discovering her nutrient
needs, however, can go a long way to make it the enjoyable experience she has dreamt about.

In service to the unborn child it is also important for the mother to be nutritionally sound. It is in the womb
that the groundwork is laid for the future of the child’s health. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that
prenatal vitamins cover the needs. That, Oprah, is another letter.

I hope this reaches you. I hope you would be willing to bring nutritional truth out into the light as it has
been in darkness too long.

Thank you for listening and for putting this into consideration. Thank you, too, for all that you do.

Yours in Health,

                                         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Letters by Lynn