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~ 2011 Articles ~
To the New Year
Our Cultural Thyroid Epidemic
Thermography in Breast Health

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~ 2010 Articles ~
Best Milk

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~ 2009 Articles ~
Healthy Vibrations for a New Year
Chicken Soup
Preventing Diabetes
Try It On Everything
Swine Flu Vaccination
Agave Nectar Debate
Immune Support for a Global Virus
Adjuvants and You
School Lunch Awareness
Cholesterol and Vitamin D
Cruciferous Vegetables and Breast Health
The Halloween Monster
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~ 2008 Articles ~
An Enhanced View of Vitamin E
Ascorbic Acid is Not Vitamin C
Enhancing Your Knowledge About Calcium
Apoptosis.  You Can't Live Without It
My Beef on Skinny Bitch
The Good News About Animal Proteins
When Cells Become Resistant
Belly Fat, High Triglycerides and Elevated Blood Sugar
Being at Peace With the Foods You Eat
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~ 2007 Articles ~
Primer on Sugar Cravings
Stomach Flu and Spring Break
Iodine as a Necessary Trace Element
Re-thinking Coconut Oil
Health Interrupters
Vitamin B-12 and Its Role in Your Health
News Updates on Almonds
The Health of Your Tap Water - Part I
The Health of Your Tap Water - Part II - Chlorine
Folk Wisdom and Apple Cider Vinegar
Post-holiday Clean-up to Step Healthfully into the New Year
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~ 2006 Articles ~
Choose to Love Yourself for Better Health
Influence on your Thyroid Health
Medication Madness
Valley Floor - A Health Expert's Perspective
Downside of Splenda / Altern
Sugar Cravings
Spring Cleaning for the Body
Airborne Contains Splenda
Allergy Sufferers Beware This Spring
Regarding the Rise in Autism
Energy Basics
Scary Details About Corn Syrup
Positive Role of Physical Activity in Cancer Prevention
The Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding
Eating for Athletic and Academic Performance
The Consciousness of Water
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~ 2005 Articles ~
High Altitude Fats
Concerned About Global Viruses
What Really May Be Ailing You
How IS Your Liver?
The Scoop About Poop
Sunshine Is Good For You
Water as a Nutrient
Got Salt?
Eating and Drinking for your Music Enjoyment
Should We Buy Organic Produce?
A Letter to Oprah about Brooke
ADD is Not a Ritalin Deficiency
Regarding the Food Industry
Whole Foods vs. Synthetic Vitamin E
Benefits of Pastured Hen Eggs
Cholesterol is NOT a Villain
Learning the Language of Cholesterol
Health Benefits of Beer
Digestion and The Purple Pill
Fall and the Flu
Follow the the Bird Flu Overblown?
Dancing for Your Health
The Vibration of Gratitude
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