Lynn Mayer, MA Psychology, CNC
Nutrition Consultant
Lynn Mayer is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who coaches people
both in person and by phone. Lynn assists you in finding and
maintaining your health through a
nutrition and lifestyle
.  Lynn is trained in Kinesiology and lab testing as
diagnostic tools as well as N.E.T. and E.F.T. – powerful tools that
create change and transformation in one’s well-being.

Contact Lynn for a complimentary 15 minute conversation as to your

Lynn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from San Diego
State University in 1977 and completed her Master’s Degree in
Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 1994. Lynn has
post graduate training in Contact Reflex Analysis, Nutrition
Response Testing (N.R.T.), the Emotional Freedom Technique      
(E.F.T.) and the Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). Lynn is a
Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Lynn lives in the Telluride, Colorado area with her partner, Gerry,
and their dog, Shiva.
About Lynn